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Local artist Suzanne Thiesfeld created this colorful collage of llamas for Carlson’s Llovable Llama Farm. This barn quilt is among 11 new quilts added to Carver County’s free open-air art gallery. Stopping by to view this barn quilt offers the pleasure of watching the llamas at play.

Janet Fahey, who owns and operates Barn Quilt Tours of Carver County, started bringing tour groups to Carlson’s farm last summer.

Rick Carlson and his family started raising llamas 20 years ago. Their 10-acre homestead is now home to 80 llamas, welcoming visitors and hosting one of the largest 4-H llama programs in the nation. Each llama has a name – often given by a member of the 4H program.

“Tour groups not only love the llamas, they also enjoy Rick and the 4H kids’ interactive presentations,” Fahey said.

She encouraged Carlson to obtain a barn quilt and he readily agreed. Thiesfeld quickly became involved, capturing the llamas and the 4-H program’s colors in the painting. The 4 x 4-foot barn quilt now graces the side of the Carlson barn.

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