April showers bring May flowers and fire pits, and outdoor kitchens, and trees, and retaining walls, and so much more.

The weather is getting warmer and the landscapers are as busy as bees while getting your yards ready to enjoy during the sunshine of spring and summer. This is especially true for Craig Frick and his team of landscapers at Superior Lawn and Landscape out of St. Bonifacius.

Frick has been in the landscaping business for 29 years, but has grown up in a horticultural world all of his life.

“I was and am a plant nerd,” Frick said.

With springtime comes the responsibilities of getting your yard ready for the warmer weather. Frick said that, right off the bat, it’s time to cut back perennials and other old blooms, for example hydrangeas. Another springtime must-do according to Frick is to refresh mulch if you use it. Simply rake your current mulch and apply a new top layer.

Another easy way to gear up for the spring an, summer bloom is to begin adding fertilizer to your yard and gardens early on to help things green up.

However, if you’re looking to really amp up your yard this spring and summer, Frick and landscapers are ready to help you take things to the next level.

Superior Lawn and Landscape offers everything from full-service landscaping to maintenance services and everything else in between.

Frick said that fire pits and patios have been a recent trend within the area.

“Most people hear fire pit and think a hole in the ground,” Frick said. “The fire pits we create are a little more extreme than that.”

However, Frick and his team’s creative yard art doesn’t stop at just fire pits. The team at Superior Lawn and Landscape will help you design a one-of-a-kind set-up that can feature anything and everything from a patio, water features such as fountains, outdoor kitchens and grill islands to retaining walls and green spaces.

Superior Lawn and Landscaped offers a full-service garden center, located on Highway 7 in St. Bonifacius, where customers can design and see materials in house, before any work gets started on their project.

“Everything is different when you can actually have the materials in hand, see it and feel it,” Frick said.

Aside from the full-service garden center, there are a couple of other things that set the business apart from other similar service providers.

First, when it comes to building patios, Frick and his team do not use any form of concrete. All of their patios are dry-laid, using bricks or other brick-like products.

“We frown upon using concrete because of Minnesota weather,” Frick said. “The concrete will crack and isn’t fixable.”

Next, with the help of Frick’s knowledge of horticulture, he and his team work to integrate landscaping features such as walls and fountains with a mixture of flowers, trees and shrubs.

“Perennial gardens will always be popular, but we shoot to integrate them with other pieces of landscaping, rather than just having a simple garden,” Frick said. “Plants are the clothes that you put on the patio.”

Besides specializing in residential landscaping, Superior Lawn and Landscaping also offers commercial maintenance landscaping and lawn care services. However, their outdoor help doesn’t stop there. Frick and his team offer services year-round, by offering snow removal services throughout the non-green months.

Ready or not, spring is here and it’s never too late to practice your green thumb skills to create a one of a kind place to enjoy the nice weather to come.

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