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The 2021 Milaca Wolves Track Team will finally return to the track as they kicked off their season on April 8, heading to Pierz. Milaca will rely heavily on leadership from the seniors this season as they adjust to being back competing. 

2020 Results: Season canceled due to COVID-19

Finally being able to return to the track and compete together for the Milaca track team after a two year layoff will be a challenge for the Wolves.

In order to combat the return, shake off the rust and show the new athletes the ropes, senior thrower Jack Olson knows the upperclassmen have to come up big if Milaca wants to be a successful team this season. “I think seniors really have to step up and show leadership. We need to step up, show them and coach them,” he said.

So far, so good for the Wolves’ seniors according to Milaca Co Head Coach, Jeremy Mikla. “Despite not having a season last year, they have already taken a lead and are bringing the younger kids along,” he said, who is joined by Gwen Garber as the other Co Head Coach.

Going beyond being some of the stronger athletes on the team, the seniors have also taken to teaching where they can.

Being in the position that the new athletes are in, compounded by the fact the team didn’t get to compete last year, senior sprinter Jackie Kragt knows any knowledge and encouragement they can give will pay off huge for the underclassmen in the future. “Without having last year, a lot of the kids don’t know what they are doing so we are trying to be really encouraging by sharing our knowledge,” said Kragt of the seniors.

Fellow senior in distance runner in Treyton Hardy, has also been trying to make the sport enjoyable for the younger athletes who may not have had a chance to compete with the high school track team. “I’ve been trying to keep it fun for them and give them something to compete for,” said Hardy, who ran the mile and 800-meter races for the Wolves back in 2019.

Joining the seniors as leaders have even been some of the younger athletes such as sophomore Reina Mikla. Mikla, who contributed at the varsity level as an eighth grader in 2019, knows where they were at and aims to help them. “There are some eighth graders and the last time out, I was an eighth grader. I was where they were and I want to help them by being more of a leader,” she said.

As the team aims to lift each other up and lead the team into the season, Jeremy Mikla knows it will be harder for the team to get back to where they left off two years ago.

Despite the challenge, Mikla hopes the team will quickly come along and get back to their old form. “I am hoping it will be a steep learning curve and they will get back into that form they were in and make the most of the season,” he said.

Getting back into shape from 2019 joins another goal for the Wolves; racing their best at sections said Mikla.

If the Wolves are able to send a large haul of athletes to the second day of sections, Mikla would consider the season a positive one. “One of our goals is always to advance as many kids as we can to the section meet. If we can get 15-20 kids that are participating in the meet, I would call it a success,” he said.

With that goal set, the Milaca track team will begin their season April 8 as they traveled to Pierz, hoping to start off on the right foot.

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