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The Milaca golf team will return to play looking to rely on their returning players as well as look for a couple younger golfers to step into varsity roles. 

2020 Results: Season canceled due to COVID-19

Coming into the 2021 Milaca boys golf season, despite everything going on around the team, senior captain Brodey Pedersen wants to the make the season about one thing. “I want to make it fun for everyone. With what’s going on, it’s hard to have a different mindset right now. Having every one participate and have fun is really what it comes down to, having fun in sports,” he said.

Though focusing on enjoying the season, it doesn’t mean the team won’t have the chance the be successful.

According to Milaca Head Coach Cory Pedersen, the Wolves will rely on some younger guys to step into bigger roles for the golf team. “We have a couple varsity spots that we are looking to fill with some younger guys that are looking to move up,” he said.

Joining Brodey Pedersen as his fellow senior captain, Branden Marudas, believes the young guys have the potential to seamlessly make the transition. “We have a lot of good kids that just haven’t had their time to show off what they can do, I believe in a lot of them,” he said.

Getting the younger guys up to speed will be key for Milaca this season on the links.

Seeing how the players react to the mental side of golf will be a big deciding factor in how the younger players preform this season. “The mental game is really tough. Out on the golf course you really have to focus in on you game,” said Brodey Pedersen.

But, being paired with his father, Cory Pedersen, the younger Pedersen knows his coach can get the players up to par with himself being an example. “He likes to work with everyone and work with the new kids. Ever since I was young, he was my coach. That’s how I am where I am right now, because of him,” said Pedersen.

Marudas agrees that Pedersen will get the team ready to play, adding that his background in teaching really helps with his coaching. “Being a teacher helps him a lot because he knows how to get it through to kids.”

With Pedersen’s coaching ability and the two strong seniors leading the way, Marudas, though unsure of what the other teams in the area will look like, thinks the Wolves will have a successful year. “I think we will do pretty well but it’s hard to know how the other competition is,” he said as many teams have drastically changed since the last spring golf season.

Cory Pedersen agreed with his senior’s take. “I think I have a really strong squad this year. I am really looking forward to see how they are going to play in competition,” said Pedersen.

Pedersen got the chance to see his squad in action April 8 as the team traveled to the Pine City Country Club to kick off their season.

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