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Jeff Buffington of the Paddle Bridge Guide Collective helps a customer into the kayak before her float on a sunny Saturday afternoon. 

The city of Princeton has paired with the Paddle Bridge Guide Collective to offer kayaking on the Rum River through the summer at Riverside-Riebe Park. The kayaking will be offered every Saturday and Sunday, as well as some select Fridays.

Encouraged by the Princeton Kayak and Canoe program, the city has purchased the kayaks as well as some canoes in hopes to grow the activity.

The float itself down the Rum River will last about 45 minutes, starting at Riverside Park and with the landing being located near the Princeton Golf Course.

Jeff Buffington, who works for the Paddle Bridge Guide Collective, says the goal of the partnership is to get people active as well as to encourage those to pick up kayaking. “We take the hassle out of kayaking,” Buffington explained. “It is always something that you have to plan out well in advance, where you are going to go, where you are going to drop off your cars, and where you will be picked up. When with us, we take care of all of that and drop you back off at your car.”

This upcoming weekend will be the sixth week of operation on the Rum, with each week gaining more and more traction among those in the area. “We were busy this past weekend with about seven or eight people going out within the first hour,” said Buffington.

Weather has played a role in the initial slow start by the kayaking/canoeing on the river, with many thunderstorms causing people to stay away, but with the recent sunny weekends, people have been coming out more frequently.

The Paddle Bridge Guide Collective start operation at 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and will continue to operate, weather permitting.

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