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Randy McNamara practices on his putting before his round at the Milaca Disc Golf course.   

The second annual Rum River Disc Golf Tournament will be held in Milaca on Saturday, June, 22 beginning at 8 a.m.

The sport was formalized in the 1970s and has been growing in popularity in the past years with many of the Professional Disc Golf Association events becoming available to watch online.

Disc golf shares with golf the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes also with designated tee pads and baskets that are meant to capture the discs that the players throw. With the sport gaining traction, it was only a matter of time before the sport reached the Milaca and Princeton areas.

For the Rum River Disc Golf Tournament, event host Kevin Martner will be looking for the same growth in his tournament that the sport has been experiencing. “We had 25 players last year, and expect more to show up this year,” he said.

The course is located around Rec Park and has a wide variety of holes ranging from wide open shots to shots that have narrow gaps that need to be navigated.

Martner has been working closely with the Parks department of Milaca during his free time in order to get the course in top shape for the players who will be competing this weekend.

With the course being compiled of nine baskets for 18 tee pads, the growth that Martner wants would have to be limited without the addition of more baskets. In the current set up a max of 45 players would be allowed. Any more would cause problems for pace of play.

In the future Martner hopes for expansion of the course and a new layout to be added.

The Rum River Disc Golf Tournament is not a PDGA-sanctioned event, which lets Martner create his own style of tournament play and the rewards that do come from placing. “While a Non-PGDA event will force me to paying out the top third of the field, I can payout to who I please, and while being more of an old school guy, the top three will be the only ones receiving any compensation” Once compensation is brought in is where the fun game with a laid back community will take things seriously. The payout for the top three will be over $400, which is not a bad for a morning of tossing a disc around.

Some professional disc golfers are able to function solely off of their winnings from events.

The event will be sponsored by Heggies Pizza, which will be providing lunch for many of the players who will come out.

Martner encourages those who are unfamiliar to the sport to make the trip the tournament. “It is a chance for guys and girls to come out, have a fun round and maybe even drink a beer”.

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