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The 2nd Annual Milaca Disc Golf Tournament was held this on June 22 at Rec Park.  

The 2nd Annual Milaca Disc Golf Tournament was held on June 22 at Rec Park in Milaca.

In what were serviceable conditions on a sunny day, Danny Polk was able to secure the open division championship while Tanner Brosch won the advanced championship.

“Overall, the tournament went decently enough,” said event coordinator Kevin Martner. “Friends of mine showed up along with a couple new faces, but distance from larger disc golf communities played a factor in lack of a larger turn out.”

Martner was hoping for a larger showing, but is not discouraged by the results and still hopes to get the city’s help in a potential expansion of the course. “The course was too cramped for an event like this,” Martner stated.

Martner is in talks to schedule an event this upcoming fall.

When asked whether the event would be back next year, Martner responded with a resounding “Yes.”

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