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Princeton has begun a new tradition of playing an alumni hockey game. Many players from previous year’s teams come and try to relive the glory years, as well as connect with current players. 

The Princeton boys’ hockey team hosted its sixth year of its alumni game on Nov. 27 at the Princeton Ice Arena, also honoring the 40th year of Princeton hockey.

Current head coach Todd Frederick, who has been coach of the Tigers for the past 15 years, knows the value of a game like this and what opportunities it gives to the program of Princeton.

“It’s an amazing night. The game allows for former players to return and get back on the ice and have great conversations about memories that hockey provided and new experiences such as family,” said Frederick. “Also, it allows the coaching staff to visit and have wonderful conversations with the guys. It has provided time for parents to visit and catch up with memories too.”

The alumni game has been building and attracting more players each year, with this season topping out at 62 former Princeton players attending.

Recently noticed has been a number of youth players attending the game, along with current members of the Tiger program showing the community’s continued growth.

Camaraderie of the Princeton program grows with each passing year as shown through the increasing numbers and the opportunities to former and current players alike from an event like this becoming are more abundantly clear.

Members of the Princeton hockey team gaining the opportunity to talk to players who went through what they are and trying to try to learn a thing or two has been an added bonus from the game.

“This also allows for current high school players to meet and talk with guys and have discussions with former HS players that set records, conference winners and of course state tournament appearances,” said Frederick on what the current players can take away from the Alumni game.

Nathan Cairns, a former player for Princeton and current assistant coach, has been instrumental in setting up the game and getting it to where is currently is. “Cairns has done a wonderful job in organizing the event. He deserves all the credit,” stated Frederick.

Advertised as “a chance to relive the glory years,” players who attended received an alumni T-shirt along with the game raising money through donations.

As the game moves forward, no doubt continuing its upward trend, what can be taken away from the event is reliving those glory days, just as advertised, and reminiscing on what role Princeton hockey has played for these players’ lives.

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