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Brad Anderson, who will be helping demonstrate Strongman lifts on Dec. 4, works on his farmer’s carry.  

Jay Grove, a trainer/coach of CrossFit Beyond Sport in Princeton has a passion that he wants to share with the community.

Starting several years back, Grove was introduced to the Strongman competition.

With that introduction, a love was born by Grove for the Strongman competition and the lifts that go along with the event. “I’ve been involved and competed for several years at the amateur level. I love the sport,” said Grove.

Having that love for the competition, Grove aspires to introduce the sport to central Minnesota and possibly spark that passion for others in the area. “It’s a growing sport and I want to be a part of that growth here in central Minnesota,” he said.

Grove aims to drive that growth by organizing a free public event scheduled for Dec. 4, demonstrating common Strongman lifts at Beyond Sport.

In the event, Grove and his team of seasoned Strongmen and women will demonstrate proper form in the super yoke, log press, farmer’s carry, axle press and Atlas Stones while offering the opportunity for those who attend the chance to try some of the lifts at a lighter weight.

Among the team of demonstrators will be several notable athletes from the sport including American’s Strongest Man 1998 and World’s Strongest Man competitor Karl Gillingham.

Gillingham, who has been a part of the sport for a few decades, appreciates what Grove is attempting to do for Strongman competitions. “I think it is great to get people more interested. The more that are interested, the better athletes that will come out of it. I think it is a great deal,” said Gillingham.

Joining along with Gillingham will be Minnesota’s Strongest Man 2020 Brad Anderson, Western Wisconsin’s Strongest Woman 2020 Tiffany Schommel, along with local winners Justin Zahner and Bobbi Snow. Grove will also demonstrate.

Organizing the event

Aiming to build the support of the Strongman competition in his neck of the woods, Grove approached Princeton’s Beyond Sport Owners Glen and Susan Gillson to possibly host the event.

“They thought it sounded like a good idea and here we are,” said Grove.

Having a place to perform and after securing the team of members to demonstrate the lifts, the event was scheduled.

Introduction to Strongman competition

Though maybe sounding intimidating to those unfamiliar with Strongman competition, Grove assures it isn’t too far out there compared to other sports. “Anybody who is fit and trains for it can do it. If somebody is looking for a different way to train, this is a great thing to look into,” he said, adding that there are different weight classes for competitions along with different difficulties of events starting with novice.

Along with the chance to try some of the lifts with proper supervision is the excited atmosphere that will be presented at the free event. “It’s fun to watch, you get to see some lifts up close that you can only see on television or at a competition. It’s pretty cool to watch a guy pick up a 250-pound sphere of concrete,” said Grove, referring to the Atlas Stone.

The event is planned to start at 10 a.m. on Dec. 4 at CrossFit Beyond Sport in Princeton.

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