Why should we vote ‘No’ on abolishing the Princeton Public Utilities Commission?

Dedicated and committed commission members are focused on providing safe electric and water services to the community while keeping rates below some of the neighboring utility providers like East Central Electric.

The Princeton PUC is a non-political entity focused on the long-term interest of all utility ratepayers.

The utility’s operation could become a political football if placed under city council control.

A city council inexperienced with commission management of a public utility could cut corners to save money, which could have disastrous outcomes if there are major equipment or infrastructure issues.

The Princeton City Council refused to hear public comments regarding placing the utility commission on the chopping block. What are they hiding?

Proponents of this ballot question declined to study the rate impacts of abolishing the commission.

Should voters really support such a drastic change because a few council members are unhappy with the utility?

Lee Steinbrecher, Princeton

Editor’s Note: Steinbrecher is treasurer of “Save Princeton Public Utilities,” a non-profit group of concerned citizens that opposes the following Nov. 3 ballot question: “Shall the Princeton Public Utilities Commission be abolished?”

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