If you are uncertain about who to vote for as Milaca mayor, cast your vote for incumbent Pete Pedersen.

He works hard at the job, recently spending many hours reviewing the preliminary budget plan prior to a council meeting.

He also regularly tours the city proper and its facilities with an eye for safety, efficiency and other concerns.

Working with the council and city manager, he has helped to keep the tax levy to the lowest percentage while still providing services that we sometimes take for granted.

Pete will ensure Milaca’s infrastructure will receive regular attention. A good example is the city’s street improvement plan. We can be proud of sidewalks, curbing and gutter and smooth streets. Take a drive around Princeton and compare.

Pete has been on the receiving end of unfair criticism for the many improvements to Rec Park. The Bandshell was a Rum River Community Foundation project. All the rest of the improvements came as a result of generous donations. The donors had explicit wishes their gifts were to be used for that park.

Misinformed residents falsely claim the improvements were to enhance and promote the annual Rec Fest Blue Grass festival. Pete has told me he spends perhaps 5% of his time on RecFest.

Pete and city officials have adhered to CDC and state guidelines for keeping us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy for some to say “Let’s get back to business” but the city has to follow the mandates.

Pete and the city, along with the Rum River Community Foundation, have provided economic relief for local businesses and others.

As we approach Election Day, we must note the challenges that Milaca faces in the days and months ahead: Ongoing COVID-19 issues, businesses closing, taxes, and economic development are a few.

Vote to keep Pete because he has the “right stuff” and the connections, experience, vision and passion to keep Milaca strong and moving forward. He lives in the city, is not a one-issue candidate and will work hard for you.

Tim Poorker, Milaca

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