On behalf of Pearl Crisis Center, and the Mille Lacs County Family Violence Coordinating Council we want to thank the Mille Lacs County Board of Commissioners for supporting the mission of the Mille Lacs County Domestic Violence Court for dangerous repeat felony offenders. The DV Court began operating in 2016 as an Office on Violence Against Women federally grant-funded start-up project. The point of federal grant funding is to establish a record of success, which the DV Court has accomplished through increased compliance with the Court’s orders, improved safety for victims and families, and reduced re-offenses. Elected public servants do not always get recognition for the good they do for our communities; they often make hard decisions that do not have consensus approval. The Commissioners’ support for the DV Court needs to be applauded! This leadership helps prevent injuries and saves lives for victims of domestic violence while holding offenders immediately accountable of such crimes. Thank you again!

Judy Pearson,

Director of Pearl Crisis Center

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