We represent a group of Lisa’s acquaintances wishing to convey to the people of Sherburne County the personal and leadership qualities we have witnessed over more than 20 years of friendship.

Personally, we have observed Lisa in her capacity as a mother, friend, and community member. Lisa’s service values have been especially evident in these roles where she has volunteered across multiple settings; supported her boys in their athletic, academic, and artistic endeavors; and reached out to us and countless others in time of need by organizing meals, making hospital visits, and keeping in touch with prayer and encouraging words.

Each of us clearly understands why Lisa became a social worker. She has a passion to serve her family, friends, co-workers, and the causes that create a better community.

Lisa’s public service began when she was elected to the Princeton Public School Board. She then went on to represent this area in the Minnesota Senate, where she served on the Agriculture and Veterans, E-12, and the Environment and Natural Resources Committees.

She understands the complex roots of social problems and stands strong in her values to serve the common good as opposed to any type of personal agenda.

Lisa’s talents are diverse! She makes a mean batch of spaghetti, and her caramel Rice Krispy bars are legendary! Please consider the gifts and experience that Lisa can bring to our community as a Sherburne County Commissioner by voting for her on Nov. 3.

Louise Kalland, Princeton

Editor’s Note: This letter was also signed by Mary Lagaard, Cambridge, and Tamara Leenay, Sauk Rapids

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