Letter to the Editor:

There is a reason they call the closing months of an election the “silly season.”

It’s the time when weak candidates get desperate and start throwing mud around to see what sticks.

The Princeton City Council’s decision to call for a ballot referendum on replacing the Public Utilities Commission shouldn’t be controversial.

The city council is inviting citizens to replace a nearly 100-year-old bureaucracy with a more democratic system of management.

The PUC is accountable to nobody in particular, while the city council has to face the voters and explain our decisions. We propose to make the system more accountable to the citizens. Who could object to that? The choice is either bureaucracy or democracy.

We believe that the PUC has made some really bad decisions that are harming Princeton residents. They are refusing to make the past due payments in lieu of taxes that they have been paying for decades—a move that will raise property taxes for everybody. They pay less, you pay more.

We believe that the citizens of Princeton deserve better, and a bigger say in how their utility is run. So, we are putting the question to the vote on Nov. 3.

I can’t imagine why anybody would want to deny citizens the right to vote on the matter. Could it be political posturing during the “silly season?”

Princeton Mayor Brad Schumacher

Editor’s Note:: Schumacher is a Princeton City Council mayoral candidate.

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