Are your Mille Lacs County Commissioners doing right by those who have little influence? 

On April 19, I was driving on County Road 9 when confronted with a county truck and crew doing crack filling.

There was no traffic control. I ended up being forced onto the hot tar to avoid an oncoming car that wasn’t visible when I eased out to go around the truck.

Two of my tires were ruined.

A flag person would have been able to see the car that had come from a side entrance into the only lane available.

Strangely, within minutes of my misfortune, there was traffic control set up.

For two months I have been trying to be reimbursed for the cost of the new tires.

I have been stonewalled and told my claim is being denied. Where are the people who should be helping me, and where was the traffic control?

William Kreifels, Clearwater

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