Letter to the Editor:

What I witnessed at the hastily called special city council meeting in Princeton on Friday, Aug.21 was shocking. Yes, Princetonians, you will be asked to decide the fate of the Princeton Public Utility Commission.

That in itself is not as important as the manner that it was carried out.

Ninety minutes before a deadline the council was acting on a motion to ABOLISH the PUC.

There was no public input. No one was allowed to speak to the issue.

There wasn’t a public hearing. Just a mayor and two councilors deciding for the rest of us to sow discord, allow for misinformation, and in general, create animosity among our citizenry for a long time to come.

While the PUC needs to be asked tough questions from time to time, destruction is not likely to yield positive results.

At a recent Princeton Economic Development Authority meeting, I confronted the mayor about the cessation of payments to the city from the utility.

His response was “sometimes you have to break things.” There was no doubt in my mind that he was taking credit for breaking the system that was in place for 20 years.

At the meeting Friday all there was from the mayor was indignation at the bad faith of the PUC.

Somebody will pay for this debacle. Those payers will be the property owners of Princeton.

You will pay extra property tax, to replace the loss of income, you will pay more to keep the street lights on. You will pay because when you break things, it will cost more to put them back together.

Ask yourself if city council will be more competent than three trusted Princetonians that the council appointed.

There was no chance to voice concerns.

What I saw was a cowardly act perpetrated by those seeking to break things because that’s what cowards do.

Thom Walker, Princeton

Editor’s Note: Walker is a Princeton City Council mayoral candidate.

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