To the editor:

In her recent editorial in the Union-Times, Rep. Sondra Erikson used our national holiday, Independence Day, to attack critical race theory. She called it a “theory that divides us.”

Critical race theory is not new. It’s been around for about 40 years. Its aim is to reveal an ideology that falsely justifies some form of social or economic oppression and, by revealing it, seeks to end it. It was this form of critical examination of existing power structures that gave our grandmothers the right to vote.

Critical race theory is not scary. It does not call out white people as being “bad.” It views race more as a social construct rather than as a biological one. Ignorance, intolerance and irresponsible fear mongering are far more likely to divide us than studying the societal structures that may cause injustice.

Nancy Fetzek, Milaca

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