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We are only two weeks away from our Nov. 5 election! If you have questions not listed below, please don’t hesitate to call me at (320) 982-7210 or email me at

How were the levy and referendum amounts determined?

Question No. 1 is asking for $250.95 per pupil. This amount was determined by a survey given to over 600 people in our community. The results showed this amount was most likely to be supported by our community. If passed, the revenue generated may not completely cover the deficit needed; however, the board felt it was important to ask for this supported amount.

Question No. 2 s asking for $5.1 million. This amount was based off of our facility needs assessment completed within the past few years.

What is are proposed Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces, and how will they be used?

These spaces would address many of the skilled labor, high wage, high demand positions that are critically short right now. The CTE areas that we currently have are Agriculture, Applied Technology, Business, Family and Consumer Science, and Work Experience. These dollars would not go to adding a new program, but to update and enhance what we currently offer. Updating spaces and equipment to current industry standards will help better prepare our students for these career fields.

What are the proposed improvements to security?

The plan calls to continue the upgrade of our electronic door controls with an integrated intrusion alarm and camera systems, as well as additional cameras.

Would all the roofs be replaced?

No. Our school building has been added on to multiple times since the 1960s. The roof is considered to be one of the most important investments in maintaining the integrity of the building structure. A full assessment of our roofing was completed to determine which are considered to be at the end of life expectancy, which is 20 years. These are the sections that would be replaced.

If these questions pass, how will agriculture property owners be affected? Will they carry the majority of the tax burden?

The Minnesota Legislature passed an update to the AG2 School Credit that increases the State’s share of qualifying agricultural land tax from 40% to 70% over the next four years. This significantly reduces the tax burden of our school bond for agricultural land owners. If this bond is approved, the impact on agricultural land will be $2.42 less per acre by 2023.

Farming businesses can go to to accurately estimate the impact of both the bond and operating levy for your land.

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