Tyler Carach, aka “The Donut Boy,” brought his cross-county mission to thank law enforcement to Princeton Saturday.

The 12-year-old’s visit included the delivery of brand-new police-department approved boots that were awarded to the victors in a national contest.

Tyler developed a program called “I DONUT Need a Reason To Thank a Cop” in August 2016 after meeting four officers in a local store and asking if he could buy them donuts with his own money.

After seeing how happy the officers were and learning that police across the nation were having a hard time, he decided he wanted to thank every officer in America and give them each their favorite treat.

To date, Tyler and his mom, Sheena Carach, have visited and thanked officers in all 50 U.S. states and served over 90,000 donuts and thanks to communities and their officers.

Tyler has raised money to purchase a K9 vest, held multiple free raffles for Law Enforcement, worked to raise support for police, and partnered with multiple organizations to show appreciation to officers.

Recently, Tyler, with the assistance of Minnesota based company, Altai Gear, hosted a national Boot GiveAway contest. Law Enforcement teams from across the nation competed to win pairs of police-department approved boots for their agency.

The Princeton Police Department was paired with Shorewood, Wisconsin, in a competitive effort to tally 1,000 online public votes as quickly as possible. The two departments were named as co-winners.

This past weekend, Nov. 9-10, Tyler, along with representatives of Altai Gear, personally delivered the boots to the winning police department team members with a Saturday afternoon visit to the Princeton Police Department.

Princeton Mayor Brad Schumacher presented Tyler with a city plaque during Saturday’s event.

Police Chief Todd Frederick provided a bag filled with Princeton-themed gifts in advance of Tyler’s birthday. The gift bag contained items that showcased the city and Princeton School District.

“The largest police department I’ve visited is New York’s,” Tyler said. “They had really nice people.”

His favorite donut? A glazed pineapple upside down cake donut. Tyler also likes coffee with a lot of cream and sugar.

“This is our fourth trip to Minnesota,” said Sheena Carach. The pair have visited police departments in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Elk River, and Anoka, and county sheriff’s departments or offices in Hennepin County and Anoka County as well as Chisago County.

“When we first started out, it was a little bit more difficult to plan things, but now when we contact a department or agency, they know The Donut Boy is coming,” Sheena said, adding Princeton and Shorewood departments were competing against 18 other agencies for the 25 pairs of boots, which have a total retail value of $1,800.

“It’s the thought and message that counts," she said. "Most of the time we, as adults, forget how easy it is to be kind. Sometimes, we need a child to remind and educate us,’ she said.

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