The following reports were filed by DNR conservation officers in the Mille Lacs and Princeton districts through May 6.

District 10 - Mille Lacs

•CO Gregory Verkuilen (Garrison) checked open-water anglers in numbers not seen since September. Boaters had typical spring issues like registration numbers falling off, PFDs chewed by mice, and fire extinguishers that leaked. Verkuilen also checked turkey hunters, monitored tribal harvest, and fielded calls regarding beaver damage.

•CO Ben Karon (Isle) spent many hours checking people angling, spearing and bowfishing. Time was spent on the St. Croix River for the walleye opener for the Wisconsin border waters. Some area lakes have a good crappie bite and many people were out enjoying the bite. Everyone who was checked coming off lakes had remembered to pull drain plugs and drain water.

•CO Ashley Whiteoak (Malmo) spent time checking people spearing for suckers and commercial minnow baiting in a local creek, in which people spearing for suckers had success. She spent time assisting at the Minnesota DNR day at Aitkin Elementary. During the event she helped Fisheries explain the fish food chain, fish identification, and played a game of tag where some students got to be predator fish, while others were bait fish that had to get away.

•CO Dan Starr (Onamia) worked spring fish run activities and checked sucker anglers. Some crappies are showing up in shallow-water areas with warmer weather coming and going. Baby critters of all kinds are showing up as of late and folks need remember to leave them alone as they are wild animals.

District 12 - Princeton

•CO Mike Krauel (Mora) spent the week checking anglers and working boat and water safety. He also assisted with a turkey clinic and patrolled public accesses for aquatic invasive species violations.

•CO Angela Londgren (Cambridge) checked anglers, ATVs, boaters, and patrolled local WMAs. Calls were handled on nuisance bears, keeping northern pike out of season, trespass, and an overlimit of crappies. Time was also spent on equipment maintenance.

•CO Nathan Benkofske (Milaca) reports working anglers this past week. Anglers were checked on area lakes as well as the St. Croix River for the walleye opener. Enforcement action was taken for no angling license, unattended traps, and no burning permits.

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