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A Princeton-based distilling company is expanding its footprint in the liquor industry.

Phillips Distilling Company, located at 1607 12th St. S. in Princton’s industrial park, is acquiring the Leroux brand of brandy and liqueurs and the Kamora brand of coffee liqueur.

Phillips is acquiring the brands from Beam Suntory, the producer of the Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark brands bourbon, Canadian Club whiskey, Hornitos and Sauza tequila and other nationally distributed brands of liquor.

The acquisition complements the company’s extensive product line and aligns with its longstanding commitment to quality and craftmanship, Phillips Distilling said in a prepared statement.

“The consumption of cordials & liqueurs in the United States continues to grow steadily and Phillips Distilling has always been at the forefront of innovation in this category,” said Andy England, CEO of Phillips Distilling Company. “Acquiring Leroux and Kamora is a natural fit for what we do best. We’re exceptional at differentiating flavor profiles and running small batches and changeovers that are critical to being successful in cordials & liqueurs. With our history and expertise in this category this new acquisition will solidify our position as a market leader and gives us a fresh perspective to add to our expert blending and flavors teams.”

The Leroux family began making cordials in Brussels over four generations ago. Today, the product line is produced in the United States with 19 varieties of liqueurs and eight flavored brandies. The flavored brandies led by Polish Blackberry Brandy, are amongst the top-selling brandies in the United States. The Kamora brand is the second most popular coffee liqueur in the US & Canada made with savory coffee beans infused with vanilla, chocolate and caramel notes to make the perfect after dinner drink, coffee or beverage on ice.

Phillips Distilling Company has a rich history in the cordials & liqueurs category. It was the first to introduce America to Peppermint Schnapps in the 1930’s and Root Beer Schnapps in 1984. Its Sour Puss and Butter Ripple brands are some of Canada’s best-selling liqueurs.

PRinceton-based Phillips Distilling Company also produces Phillips Spirits, UV Vodka, Prairie Organic Spirits, Revel Stoke Whiskies, Tomatin Scotch Whiskies, Trader Vic’s Rums, and Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon.


Jeff Hage is the managing editor of the Monticello Times. He majored in journalism at the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

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