Milaca will return to school Sept. 7 without a requirement for masks.

“We’re recommending masks, but not mandating masks at this time,” Superintendent David Wedin said.

The district is asking parents to screen their children for symptoms, as it did last year.

“That practice will be the same as last year, monitoring for some of those symptoms, and if they have any of the symptoms, stay home and contact either their health physician or our health office for how to proceed,” Wedin said.

Students with symptoms will be sent to the health office where, if necessary, their family may be consulted on what to do, according to Wedin.

There will be some quarantine requirements, but they won’t be as stringent as last year. The district will adjust its policies based on local data, according to Wedin.

“We hope to stay in-person, that’s our goal — keep students here learning but also making sure that we’re monitoring the data and being flexible as we go through the year,” Wedin said.

If distance learning is necessary, or the preference of the family, the district’s online school was recently expanded to K-12. It had previously been approved for sixth-12th grade, according to Wedin.

“We do have our expanded online school option for families that maybe coming back in person isn’t the right situation for them,” Wedin said.

If the district sees around 2.5% of each school building having positive cases or significant symptoms of COVID-19, the district will start preparing for additional safety measures. If that number gets closer to 5% the district may make adjustments to reduce spread, according to Wedin. Those thresholds are what the district also uses when considering other infectious diseases like influenza.

Changes could include rearranging classrooms and the cafeteria to improve social distancing, not just masking or distance learning, according to Wedin.

The district is still maintaining a heightened cleaning regiment, encouraging people to wash their hands and social distancing when possible in classrooms.

Parents can check out the school’s website and keep an eye on their email for any updates from the district.

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