Fifth-graders in Princeton and Milaca recently learned about the importance of community newspapers during visits with sales and news professionals from the Union-Times.

Newspaper staff reviewed the design elements of the newspaper and its approach to community journalism while inviting the students to design an actual ad that would be used by the newspaper’s advertisers.

Two of the top ads were selected from each school, with the designers being presented a gift certificate.

The 36-page special section that’s included with this week’s Union-Times includes photos of the winners and pictures from classroom visits as well as the ads produced by students from both districts.

Participating teachers in in the Milaca school district included Cory Anderson, Cassandra Wredberg, Chelsie Belkholm, Matt Follmuth, and Jessica Juntunen.

A total of 140 Milaca students participated in this year’s Newspapers in Education Program.

Participating teachers in the Princeton School District included Cindy Kluempke, Doug Berlin, Troy Kinney, Laura Skluzacek, Erin Franson, Angela Harvala, Desirae Jensen, Michelle Stenzel, and Elizabeth Keeney.

A total of 255 Princeton students participated in this year’s Newspapers in Education Program.

Newspaper In Education is a cooperative effort between a newspaper and a local school system to use the newspaper as a tool for instruction.

The newspaper provides copies to the school, usually at a reduced rate, for use in the classroom. They may also sponsor teacher education programs and may offer curriculum materials to help schools use the newspaper as a meaningful resource for student learning.

Each NIE program differs according to the needs of the local educational community and paper.

Newspapers are used as instructional tools in many subjects and grade levels. NIE programs often focus on a specific grade level or area, such as middle school, when launching a program.

The goal of the NIE program is to use the newspaper to help teachers with the subjects they are already teaching.

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