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Below are summaries of actions from the Jan. 22 meeting of the Milaca School Board. They were compiled by Shane Carlson.

Students ask administration for school-sanctioned robotics club

Four Milaca students in the robotics club took the floor in the public forum portion of the Jan. 22 Milaca School Board meeting and presented to the board their wishes to be a school-sanctioned club or activity. They listed that by being school-sanctioned, the robotics team would have the ability to grow and attract new members as a school activity, and bring more recognition to the benefits the club provides its members. Other advantages of being an official club would be the partnerships forged with outside technology companies and having school funding. Additional funding would allow the group to participate in more tournaments. They are looking to add more members through being an official club as well as securing funding for more events.

Staff member presses for PAC

Milaca music teacher, Andy Nelson used the public forum portion to voice his opinion on continuing to push for a performing arts center at Milaca High School. He said musical performances are currently held in a gym and constantly have to battle with sports teams and scheduling to secure a night and space for a performance. Nelson said it’s hard to attract young music teachers to come to Milaca where they won’t have their own space to perform when they can go to nearby districts such as Albany and Zimmerman, which have both recently gained performing arts centers. He continued to ask for funding even though the last few attempts have been unsuccessful and he and the other music teachers on staff are ready to help in any capacity. “Accepting not getting those spaces isn’t placing an emphasis on performing arts,” he said.

Students benefit from business internship

Milaca High School business teacher Jennifer Taylor and two of her students presented to the board about a new program between Milaca High School business students and local businesses. Heggies Pizza partnered with Milaca High School’s business department to provide students a two-credit, 90-hour unpaid internship to learn the inner workings of real businesses. The students are able to choose a certain area of study within the business they are interested in and want to learn more about. Both students worked at Heggies Pizza Monday through Thursday for two hours in the morning and have since been hired on staff part-time. Taylor said she is willing to speak with other companies in the area who are interested in providing an internship opportunity to her students.

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