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What used to be known as the SuperAmerica gas station in Princeton is now known as Speedway. Marathon Petroleum Corporation purchased the SuperAmerica brand from Andeavor LLC for $23 billion on Oct. 1. SuperAmerica originated in St. Paul. 

Last week, Princeton’s SuperAmerica location at 906 S. Rum River Drive changed over its signage from SuperAmerica to Speedway.

The rebranding stems from a result of Ohio-based Marathon Petroleum Corporation’s $23 billion purchase of Andeavor LLC, which was completed on Oct. 1. Andeavor LLC, out of St. Paul Park, had owned the SuperAmerica brand since 2016.

In May, Marathon CEO Gary Heminger told Fox Business the company, which is now the nation’s largest oil refiner, will “take a Speedway platform coast-to-coast.”

It spells the end for SuperAmerica, which originated out of St. Paul in 1960, with the first store located at Seventh Street and Wall in downtown St. Paul.

Over the course of the last decade, the SuperAmerica brand had experienced several different corporate owners. With 285 stores operating out of Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota and 170 of them classified as franchises, its roughly 2,000 companywide employees will retain their jobs with Speedway.

During the conversion process, customers can expect to see new Speedway signage in both the interior and exterior of the stores, including ID signs, canopy, and dispenser signage.

Overall, Marathon Petroleum owns around 5,600 independently owned stores spanning across 20 states, and Speedway, now Marathon’s subsidiary, operates about 2,740 stores spread across 21 states. 

Customers will also see EMV (chip credit card reader) dispenser upgrades, new enhanced security features, including encrypted credit and debit card technology, the latest in payment security features to help keep consumer personal information more secure and enhanced safety from skimming devices. In the coming months, consumers can also expect to see additional upgrades and remodels to further enhance the customer experience at Speedway locations.

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