Owner Olivia Wolbert is set to open Central Ave Nutrition this spring once work is finished on the old corner mart building.

The store will offer Herbalife smoothies and teas as well as an inviting space for customers to spend time studying or relaxing, according to Wolbert. She also will offer one-on-one health coaching that includes the ability to purchase the smoothies and teas to make at home.

“Most people come in either early morning before work or as breakfast,” Wolbert said.

Customers can also pick up their orders to go at the drive-thru window. The smoothies can be used as a pick-me-up after a workout or as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, Wolbert said.

“It’s kind of like a replacement for coffee or pop – it’s a healthier energy drink full of different vitamins and minerals to make that up,” Wolbert said.

Wolbert hopes to open sometime in May. But before that, the building still needs drywall on the interior walls and siding outside. Bathrooms, lighting fixtures and some finishing touches also are needed before the shop opens.

The building will have an old industrial look with exposed ducts and ceiling beams. The shop will have an open design, where customers can watch their orders being made, according to Wolbert.

Wolbert also owns Liv Tru Nutrition in Minneapolis, where her customers can hangout and read or study, but they also have some games, like mini-bean bag toss, to play.

“We’ve been open a little over a year,” Wolbert said. “I mean COVID happened, it’s been interesting, but I was ready for more.”

Wolbert studied sports medicine at the University of Minnesota, Mankato. After graduating Wolbert also became a certified personal trainer and was certified by Herbalife, she said.

She used Herbalife throughout college and started working at Anytime Fitness after graduating. Her goal was to open a fitness club, and she knew there was a market in Minneapolis. So in 2019 Wolbert opened Liv Tru Nutrition, which is a model for what Wolbert is opening in Milaca.

“That’s what this community needs, there’s no healthy hangout spot,” Wolbert said. “Man, if I had something like this in high school, I’d be here every day.”

While the ribbon-cutting is still a couple of months away, customers can follow Central Ave Nutrition on Facebook to stay up to date.

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