Laura Broberg award

At Cassia, we ask leaders and co-workers annually to nominate staff who go above and beyond what’s expected of them to make someone’s day brighter. We are inspired by their compassion, integrity, collaboration, innovation, respect and most of all, the love they show to those we serve. We are excited to introduce you to the winner of this year’s Excellence in Leadership Award. The 2021 award went to Administrator Laura Broberg at Milaca Elim Meadows in Milaca, Minnesota.

“Laura exemplified great compassion as she led us all through the pandemic,” says Milaca Elim Meadows KathyAnn Langlie. “You could see her working alongside ALL staff, filling in wherever she could help. She did laundry, pushed carts, talked to residents and communicated with family members. She worked tirelessly day in and day out to support her staff and encourage residents and families; often times during the most heartbreaking of days. Her smile, hug and encouraging words are rich in heart-healing compassion and love.

“Many staff members know about some of the details Laura works on; however, they are completely unaware of the millions of things she does that affect us on a daily basis.  Examples of this include caring for a co-worker who is suffering and walking alongside them as they endure intense personal hardships. Laura has an innate ability to see the big picture of a situation and dial in to the finite details that matter most. Finding solutions is her expertise.

“Laura’s inventive mind produced a unique opportunity to thank staff for the work done during the grueling hours and changing policies of the pandemic. As our campus was one who received a LeadingAGE grant to thank staff, she incorporated her working relationship with local businesses to envision, and execute, a most deserving employee gift, Langlie adds.

“No one is just a CNA or just a server here. Every job is as important as the next,” Laura says. She believes her team has grown quite a bit during the pandemic. “We have been through hard times, together. We’ve crossed trained.  We understand each other’s role more completely. We’ve experienced loss together. That makes a great team.”

 Laura’s stellar reputation in Milaca helped create an opportunity for Milaca’s local food market, Teal’s, to orchestrate details to award each staff member a $70 gift voucher to purchase groceries. Teal’s was delighted to be a part of a personalized thank you to the staff at Milaca Elim Meadows. This is just one way Laura reached out to local businesses to allow us to work together for the greater community good. Her “Outside-the-Box” thinking serves us and the community well.

 “Laura Broberg deserves the Leadership Award in recognition of her thirty-five year commitment to this campus and community,” Langlie continues. “Laura began in the social services department and worked her way to administrator. She has worked through many ups and downs of this industry with grace, poise and tenacity. Her ability to unify family members, residents, staff and community members is a testament to her worthiness to receive this award.”

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