I would like to address Mr. Dale Dunham’s April 11, 2019, letter to the editor.

I’d start off by saying thank you to all the hard working men and women who come to work everyday for the Princeton Public Utilities and keep our cities lights on, water flowing and bills collected.

These “working folks” for a long time have been under appreciated by the public because of the ways of the PPU Management Team.

One example was the shake down the PPU Management Team tried to do to our Princeton School District in 2018 over watering ball fields. The management team at PPU has walked around our great town with an untouchable mentality for decades.

The people of the city of Princeton have seen this hardened approach and grid-lock in local government created by PPU management and they want it to end. The people of our great city want all of our government offices to work together as a team to build a better community for everyone.

Mr. Dunham asked, “Has anyone ever questioned reasons behind the motive then or now?”

The answer is simple. Mr. Dunham, look at the political environment at the federal level, the state level, and in Central Minnesota. The people are very motivated!

In the 2018 election, in the city of Isanti, the city of Zimmerman and the great city of Princeton, the people all chose brand new mayors who have never served on the council or on any other city committees.

Your letter to the editor proves I’m not only keeping my political promises to the people, but the legs of the ladder holding the good ole boys club up are ready to fall.

Princeton Mayor Brad Schumacher

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