Arrival time planning and attentive driving were critical considerations for those who attended Princeton’s drive-through graduation for the Class of 2020 Friday night.

In order to keep the graduation line moving and to avoid large gaps, Principal Barb Muckenhirn asked graduates and their families to adhere to specific arrival times. 

Graduates entered the north, main student parking lot on Eighth Avenue South. 

Once in the parking lot, a route was marked that took vehicles to the front of the school by Door 1.

Graduates were directed by staff when to exit the vehicle and receive their diploma cover.

Graduates had their photos taken and then returned to their vehicles to continue on the route to exit the parking lot.

The district supported professional videography for the event. The production will be released as a “YouTube Premier” event Thursday, June 4, at 7 p.m.

The production will include previously-recorded portions of the ceremony as well as footage of all graduates participating in the ceremony.

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