I’m one of the hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans who lives in fear of parts of the ACA (“Obamacare”) being rescinded. Without pre-existing conditions protections, my wife and I are either destitute or she is dead.

Before the ACA, even with employer-subsidized health insurance (in another county), we were paying nearly $1100 a month premium out-of-pocket without ever stepping foot in a doctor’s office. That was half our combined salaries, and we very nearly lost our house before we moved to Mille Lacs County.

Anyone with math skills understands that the larger an insurance pool, the better. That’s why Gov. Dayton’s MinnesotaCare Buy-In option, denounced by most Republican lawmakers, makes sense. Our next legislature needs to make this happen, and that means we need to elect DFL candidates like Emy Minzel to the State House of Representatives.

Right now I am a local taxpayer who’s employed full time and contributing to my community and its businesses. If our health insurance situation deteriorates, as Republicans continue to threaten to make happen, considering my wife’s health issues, we will then no longer be able to support ourselves and our mortgage, let alone contribute to the local economy. Who pays then?

Vote Emy Minzel for District 15A State Representative. She wants real health care options, including the MinnesotaCare Buy-In. Our lives just may depend on it.

Justin Helmer, Milaca

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