Farmers need advocacy

Emy Minzel knows that farmers are an essential part of our cities, our community and our economy. Farmers are our neighbors, protecting what we love such as our land and water. They provide food, fiber and fuel for our daily lives and support for our local coops, mechanics and businesses.

Right now, farmers are hurting. The markets for the most common crops in our area are down. Our dairy farmers are in the midst of crisis. Specialty crop farmers, like us, lost crucial support when the Farm Bill was not renewed. We need someone to listen, to learn and be brave in advocating for farmers. Emy has proven to us she is the advocate we need.

Throughout her campaign, Emy has shown up and listened to farmers - farmers inform her views on agriculture. Views such as building on our existing strengths, supporting diversity of production and pushing for new markets like industrial hemp. Emy attended the Mille Lacs and Kanabec County Farmers Union Conventions, not to speak, but to listen and learn. This is the kind of leadership farmers need, especially in hard times like this. By listening and hearing our stories, she will not just represent us, but advocate for us.

For our farmers, and for our community, Emy will listen and care. Farmers are not the only ones facing hard times. We need a representative who listens to our stories and knows our struggles. Emy is the advocate we deserve.

Eric Sannerud & Rachel Brann, Milaca

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