25 years ago - 1994

Bring on the Wolves, Milaca. When Milaca High School becomes the home of the Wolves on July 1 the school will not only be sporting a new mascot, but a new logo and school colors, as well. After searching far and wide for the perfect school logo, the school mascot committee found a logo with an idea from a Milaca High School student. Mike Seifert had the idea to design the front profile of the wolf coming out of an M.

A man with a gun terrorized neighbors in a Greenbush Township trailer court on numerous occasions. The man was arrested and bail set at $25,000 after he told some new residents he didn’t want them there, and fired a number of shots into the air from his rifle.

101 years ago - 1918

Depot agent Heisler has received orders not to accept freshly killed hens or pullets until after April 30. The government has forbidden the sale of such chickens as a conservation measure, the idea being to increase the aging chicken supply.

Marshal Bill Trumble arrested Cohn and Kohn, the members of the firm of the Minnesota Livestock Co. here Tuesday evening, on a charge of attempting to ship immature veal calves with the intent to have them sold for food. They were brought before Justice Goebel and pleading guilty, were assessed a fee of $75 and costs.

ADVERTISEMENT — Storage batteries cared for through the winter and delivered to you, fully charged, in the spring at 40 cents a month. —Motormart Garage

111 years ago - 1908

The Methodist Ladies Aid Society will give a social on Mr. Ray Davis’ lawn on Friday afternoon and evening. Ice cream and cake will be served. Everyone is invited.

The work on the pickle factory is being rushed and the building presents quite an imposing appearance. The company plans to go ahead and complete the plant.

W.B. Hagman is pushing the work on is new building. The basement is about completed and a lot of fine white sand pressed brick is being unloaded from cars and being piled near the site to be used in building the structure.

122 years ago - 1897

A.J. Barrett, J.H. Ward and E.I. Davis returned from a trip to Princeton Monday afternoon. They went by team and upon their return a valuable blooded pig which Mr. Barrett had purchased escaped from the sack in which it was enclosed and jumped out of the rig somewhere between here and Princeton. The loss of the animal was not discovered until they were driving into town. It seems they were interested in watching for airships and became more or less oblivious to earthly affairs.

A team of horses ran away on the streets of Foreston last Saturday. A cow being tied to the hind end of the wagon made it up hill work for the team, and rather unpleasant for the cow. No damage to speak of.

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