As a former resident of Princeton and taxpayer, it is truly wonderful to be living in a community where Harry Truman is still president. From its cuncurbed streets and sidewalks from the WPA in 1939 and streets that truly don’t need any more seal coating. The City of Princeton needs a major facelift.

I have many issues about Princeton even if I am not there anymore, from the ordinances that are not enforced to seniors that are on waiting lists for apartments. An affordable senior high-rise is needed for downtown Princeton.

I am also saddened and disappointed that the city cut funding for the amphitheater project. The Princeton Area Visionary Committee gave their heart and soul to this project, many of us donated money. This amphitheater would have been an asset to the community and would have brought people downtown where they city wants them to be instead of a deadsville downtown. The amphitheater idea needs to be reinstated.

I am also very disappointed that the City of Princeton is putting an assessment for a street improvement onto the Mille Lacs County Historical Society and Depot. The amount still owed from long-ago improvements is $22,400. They can barely make the payment as it is. Waive these assessments! Thank you.

Chuck Young, Key Largo, Florida

Editor’s note: The letter writer is referring to an amount assessed to the MLCHS in 2008 for infrastructure improvements on 10th Avenue South.

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