We need new representation in House District 15A. As an educator in Mille Lacs County, I want to see someone in St. Paul representing kids’ interests and supporting quality public schools, not decreasing the value of professional educators and public education as we’ve had for most of the last two decades. It’s time for Emy Minzel to represent us.

Strong schools are the backbone of small communities; to keep our schools strong we need support for students and their families, excellent and qualified educators, and strong unions, all things that Emy Minzel will promote as our representative.

The way to fix teacher shortages is not to decrease requirements for licensure, but to increase incentives to keep great teachers and attract more, and Emy Minzel believes this completely. The way to keep our districts strong is not to divide them into competing, temporary schools but to make our public schools the center of our communities, with appropriate funding. Our districts shouldn’t be competing, but working to meet the needs of kids in our diverse communities with all their different strengths and challenges they bring to our local classrooms.

We need unity and positivity, and that’s why I’m voting for Emy Minzel. I believe in public education, and so does she. As her campaign slogan states, “protect what you love.” I love public education, and I love our area’s students. Please join me in voting for Emy Minzel for House District 15A.

Karla Olson, Milaca

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