The Lupulin Brewing company of Big Lake announced Sept. 14 a partnership between it and the Iron Shoe Farms in Princeton for the farm to use spent grains from the brewery’s manufacturing process. 

Basically, a brewery uses barley during its brewing process and then ends up with leftover grains. More and more nowadays, the breweries form relationships with farmers, who take the grains and feed them to livestock.

This was exactly the case that brought Lupulin and Iron Shoe Farms together.

Matt Schiller, Lupulin Brewing brewmaster and co-founder, was thrilled to find a replacement so quickly after the previous farmer of the past several years decided to no longer continue his farming operations.

Schiller said, “This was critical to us as we are preparing to expand capacity significantly in 2019 and we believe this will be a long-term partnership.”

Carla Mertz, who c-owns Iron Shoe with her husband, Dave, said, “You have no idea how happy we are to be working with you on keeping our farm on its path of becoming locally sourced, sustainable and responsible when it comes to conservation methods.”

The two businesses said the situations represents a unique partnership in which companies work together toward a common goal of sustainable environmental practices. The process runs full circle from the barley field, to the brewery and back to the farm for grazing animals as feedstock. Eventually, the products are paired together at a local restaurant.

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