I was at a car show and saw an old Minnesota State Patrol 1970s Mopar squad car on display and thought it was an anniversary edition. Do you have any more information on this vehicle?


That’s a great question and there are a few people out there that collect old squad cars and bring them to car shows. The one you might be referring to could have been the 1979 Dodge St. Regis. 1979 marked the State Patrol’s 50th Anniversary. Chrysler Corporation downsized their full-sized cars that year, offering the nearly identical Chrysler Newport and Dodge St. Regis. There were no full-size Plymouths available this year. The reliable 440 powerhouse was no longer available and the highest performance engine offered was the 360 CID 4-bbl V-8, Coupled with a 3-speed automatic and a 2.9:1 rear axle. They bordered on luxurious with cushy seats trimmed in gold brocade fabric.

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