The Minnesota State High School League Board of Directors made its decision Tuesday on the fate of fall sports during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Football and volleyball will move to a winter/spring season while soccer, girls’ tennis, girls’ swimming and dive and cross country will be allowed to begin Aug. 17 with new guidelines to help combat COVID-19.

Tuesday’s meeting started at 9 a.m. After hours of discussion, the board made a decision regarding girls’ tennis, girls’ swimming and dive and cross country.

The board approved a season for the three sports if they are able to set a limit of three teams for a cross country meet; limit two teams per meet for tennis and swimming and dive and limit contests to less than two per week per team.

A decision regarding soccer’s fate then followed. The field sport will have a 20% reduction in weeks played during its season, and a 30% reduction in games with no scrimmages allowed. Teams also will not be allowed to play more than two games per week.

Following the soccer decision, volleyball was then voted upon with the board struggling to find an initial solution. The board originally voted down a motion to move volleyball to the spring with a 9-9 tie followed by the board voting down volleyball starting on its scheduled date.

Volleyball was then moved to a winter/spring season running from mid-March to mid-May.

Finally, the MSHSL voted down the proposal to start football Aug. 17, approving a motion to move the sport to the spring.

Football and volleyball will still be allowed to practice this fall. Spring sports that lost their seasons this past year to COVID-19 will be able to practice as well.

The MSHSL Board of Directors was still meeting when this edition of the Union-Times went to press Tuesday afternoon. The Union-Times is reaching out to school athletic directors  for comment.

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