Princeton wants to hire a full-time assistant liquor store manager to help run its off-sale municipal store.

Municipal Liquor Store Manager Nancy Campbell asked city leaders to accept a job description, proposed wage, and advertisement copy for the new positon during an April 4 council study session.

During discussion, Councilor Jack Edmonds asked if the city had ever had an assistant liquor store manager. Campbell said Princeton had not, and that she had been hired as the first in-store manager. “I was hired in 2000,” she added. “It would be nice to get somebody trained in so they know the job, because right now, more than half of the job [responsibilities] are only known by myself.”

Mayor Brad Schumacher suggested that one or more council members join Campbell, City Administrator Bob Barbian, and City Finance Director Steve Jackson during the interview process.

“I think that might be beneficial as a two-fold process,” Schumacher added.

Barbian said that action would be up to the council, but in the past, the hiring committee consisted of those three.

Campbell said whomever the city would hire, that person would not necessarily be stepping into the manager’s position. “When I was hired, it was just the city administrator and the finance director [involved] in the interview.”

Council members agreed with the hiring process outlined in a memo prepared by Campbell, but Councilor Jenny Gerold had a question regarding pay rates for similar positions in the Princeton area. “How did we come up with this number,” she asked referring to a proposed minimum starting annual salary of $52,581.

Barbian said the proposed salary was based on a series of bulleted items contained in leadership and supervision portion of the job description.

Jackson added the proposed assistant liquor store manager salary was based upon the city’s pay equity system.

“It’s also based upon the required training and duties, authority, responsibilities, and all of those factors,” he said. “That figure also falls in the range of other Grade 8 jobs that the city has.” Those positions include the public works supervisor and the community development manager.

Barbian said city staff had a fairly detailed discussion regarding the position being a Grade 7. That grade has a minimum salary of $47,261 annually. Similar positions in terms of pay structure include finance clerk, deputy clerk and community development manager, as well as a second level general maintenance position.

Campbell said in the Twin Cities, an assistant liquor store manager would make $58,000 annually or more. “I don’t know what Cambridge, or Elk River, Isanti, or Monticello municipal liquor operations pay their assistant managers,” she added.

Schumacher asked the council to approve the position, the job description, and the advertisement. City leaders did so unanimously, but before voting,

Edmonds suggested during discussion staff do additional research to find out what surrounding communities were paying their assistant liquor store managers.

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