The Milaca City Council has adopted and certified a final 2020 levy of $980,475, a 2% increase when compared with last year.

City leaders made quick work of the levy and the budget after completing the required annual Truth in Taxation public hearing Thursday, Dec. 19, at city hall. Each year cities are required to conduct a Truth in Taxation information meeting prior to setting a budget and levy for the following year.

Milaca city staff presents information about the proposed budget and levy, and public must be given reasonable time to ask questions and comment on the information presented. No taxpayers spoke during the Dec. 19 public hearing.

There were no additional budget-related comments from council after Mayor Pete Pedersen closed the hearing and asked for discussion.

Pederson said city staff and council started the budget-setting process in July, when department heads began submitting their requests for next year.

After those requests came in, the projected levy 2020 levy increase was estimated at 3.7%, and after meeting in October, the city leaders got that figure down to 2%.

Pedersen reminded the council that it could amend the budget at any time.

Council Member Norris Johnson made a motion to approve the resolution setting the final 2020 budget and tax levy.

Johnson’s motion was seconded by Council Member Lindsee Larsen and unanimously approved by the rest of the council 4-0.

Council Member Dave Dillan was not in attendance at the Dec. 19 meeting.

Pedersen thanked City Manager Tammy Pfaff and City Treasurer Tracy Gann-Olehy for their efforts during the budget development process, and had a special thanks for Gann-Olehy, who will be leaving service as a city employee effective Jan. 21.

General fund revenues totalled $1.95 million in the 2020 budget that was approved Dec. 19

Revenue from property tax levies in the city’s 2020 general fund budget totals $524,200.

Local government aid increased 8.4% ($816,450 to $884,627) in the 2020 budget.

Leading expenditures by key service category included Public Safety ($886,580), General Government ($514,260), Public Works ($413,665), and Culture and Recreation ($180,435).

Items in the city’s 2020 final budget and levy included approved by the council that changed from the preliminary budget included a $65,502 reduction in contract revenue from the city of Ogilvie. That contract will terminate next February with an associated reduction of Ogilvie wages of $31,455.

A liquor store transfer was reduced from $103,550 to $92,650 and capital improvement expenditures were reduced $34,000 in the 2020 budget.

The city’s event coordinator position was increased to 24 hours per week and the amount the city will spend on summer seasonal park employees increased to $18,810 from $6,210.

The city’s 2020 Capital Improvement Plan budget included the following expenditures:

•City Hall, $11,500 for CPUs, printers, a website update and a fireproof safe;

•Street improvements, $75,000 for sealcoating and alley paving;

•Public Works building and grounds, $25,000 for a new salt shed;

•Public Works utility improvements, $85,000 for sewer lining, water meters, and a waste water treatment ponds pontoon ramp;

•Public Works $21,500 for replacement of a loader with snow blower and pavement roller;

•Park Improvements totaling $6,000 for cameras and lights,

•Liquor Store building improvements totaling $55,000 for counter, carpet and awnings replacement;

•Milaca Museum, $8,500 for window repairs and concrete work,

•Airport, $12,500 for taxiway reconstruction.

2020 Personnel Budget-Final.xlsx
MLCC 2020 Levy & Budget FINAL Enterprise Fund Exp PIE.jpg
MLCC 2020 Levy & Budget FINAL Enterprise Fund Rev PIE.jpg
MLCC 2020 Levy & Budget FINAL Total Expend PIE.jpg
MLCC 2020 Levy & Budget FINAL Total Rev PIE.jpg
2020 Budget Graphs.xlsx
2020 Budget Graphs.xlsx
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