Angie Bentley

Angie Bentley returns to Elim Care & rehab Center a sthe new ResoLute Quality in Living Specialist. 

Elim Care and Rehab Center continues to make strides in the progressive care they provide to their residents, including creation of a new, innovative nursing position that will be filled by a nursing expert from Princeton, Angie Bentley. 

Raised in Princeton, she originally worked at Elim Care as a registered nursing assistant. She returns with 25 years of experience in health care to fill the ResoLute Quality in Living specialist/director position.

“ResoLute” stands for “Resident-Empowered Solutions on Living until the End.” The program emphasizes resident living and is an upstream, palliative approach beginning at the start of the late-life chapter. It provides more time to achieve successful aging and possibly reduce the time spent on unnecessary or unwanted medical interventions.

The program strives to support residents and their loved ones by embracing the work of aging with purpose and determination through unwavering commitment to uphold what matters most, according to Elim Care’s Princeton campus administrator, Todd Lundeen.

The foundation of the program includes timely and truthful prognostication; discovery of resident priorities, fears, life reflections, and legacy wishes,; increased holistic competence; and enhanced collaboration utilizing embedded late life experts.

The increased collaboration by Late Life Expert teams will ensure the resident and their loved ones feel valued, united, prepared and supported through the late-life journey.

Lundeen said, “We are excited to welcome Angie Bentley as the ResoLute Quality in Living Specialist!”

He said Bentley is recognized by her peers for her strong leadership and people skills, being a great communicator and having a real passion for geriatrics. She has significant experience in communicating with elders, their families and their providers. With these skills, Bentley and key leaders will be helping elders and their families proactively plan for the final years of their lives, ensuring those years are enriching and fulfilling.

Elim Care & Rehab Center invites the public to comment on the new position. Comments and questions may be directed to Todd Lundeen at 701 First Street, Princeton, 55371 or 763-389-1171.

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