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Editorial Board role in changing world

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Peggy Bakken

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Angelica Klebsch

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Stephanie Klinzing


Luther Dorr

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Keith Anderson

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Tom West

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Chuck Slocum

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John Gessner

Why should the opinions of an editorial board hold any value in our world? After all, there is no shortage of opinions from your mom, dad, grandparents, neighbor, boss, co-workers, elected officials, or the person who changes your oil. Social media and our technology-driven world have made opinion-sharing as common as breathing.

This dissemination of ideas and thoughts is good, but the perspective is often singular, the opinion of one individual. Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but there is also great value in the combined thoughts and opinions of several people who are tasked with dissecting and offering solutions to an issue, which is what we attempt as an editorial board.

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