Reuben Penske and Rocket Blondie.

Photo by Noelle Olson

Reuben Penske, the director and founder of Creative Life Resources, is the proud owner of Rover Service Dogs, which help people recover from trauma, injury and disability.

“Rocket Blondie, who is a 10-year-old golden Labrador retriever, helped me through a ‘fight for life’ 8 1/2 years ago,” Penske said. “She came to me as a puppy at 10 weeks old. We got out of the van and she sat up and I didn’t say anything. We just had a connection. Two years later, I was fighting for my life and she just kept communicating with me.”

Penske was exposed to and breathed in toxic chemicals while on his property in Elk River, causing him to have an acute sensitivity to the environment.

Penske said he took Rocket Blondie to a trainer and the dog passed the service test examination.

“I took Rocket Blondie out in public at a trade show in Grand Forks for the first time after her exam and people were very responsive and animated when they would see us,” Penske said. “It felt like an adventure since my injury and we were living in a RV trailer.”

Penske describes himself as a resource innovator and a healing linguistic guide.

“I studied the human design and I am a linguistic guide and I have a master’s degree in human development and have been involved with dogs since I was a boy,” Penske said.

According to Penske, a key factor is he did research on what helps people discover their unique talent.

“I called this study the ‘Champions Treasure,’ ” he said. “How a community guides people to discover their talent and mining the treasure of talent and resources in their community. People validating the unique design in each other in relationships and groups, and how they do or do not do that, can guide someone to discover their talent or diminish their talent. This is what the roving service program is all about.”

Penske said people view his dogs as a source of unconditional love and they are very responsive and tune in to that particular person.

“Rocket Blondie is a talking dog and super hero who guided me to healing my own talent discovery,” Penske said.

“I teach my Rover puppies to ‘talk’ and communicate with humans and be a guide for them in healing and navigating forward with a disability,” he said.

Currently, Rover Service Dogs is looking to grow. It’s seeking a community group or organization for a property within Chisago, Isanti, Wright, Anoka or Washington counties.

“We are recruiting volunteer trainers, a grant writer and a funding campaign,” Penske said.

Penske said he is a service dog trainer.

“It’s cultivated in them to communicate in this un-auditory dimension with humans,” he said. “Part of the healing talent discovery is you have to innovate to put your life back together if you’ve gone through something traumatic.”

Rover Service Dogs supports community service for military veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, teachers, ministers, people with disabilities and anyone who has dealt with trauma.

“In the past four years, 1,425 people have asked us for a service dog,” Penske said. “And in this creative observation, Rocket Blondie and the other roving dogs connect with people and reveal a part of themselves to help them discover their unique talent. It is a legacy I want to leave.”

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