To the editor:

A previous letter writer bemoaned the fact that the Minnesota Senate did not hold hearings on two House passed “gun safety” bills. Another promoted the idea that there was a sharp increase in letters to the editor in support of “gun safety” bills. Just as global warming became climate change, and is now being referred to as climate disruption and extreme weather, 2nd amendment opponents are morphing “gun control” into “gun safety.” While I have seen letters supporting further gun control measures I have not seen a single one on gun safety so here it goes.

I encourage those adults who own or use firearms to take a gun course appropriate for their uses. Teenagers who are interested in guns should enroll in the DNR’s firearms safety course for those age 11 or older. Parents should encourage their local grade schools to enroll in the Eddie Eagle GunSafe program.

Remember, treat every firearm as though it is loaded, always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot and always be sure of your target and surroundings.

Kevin Schleppenbach

Apple Valley

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