To the editor:

The city of Rosemount conducted a session with citizens May 20 to determine the next moves on a concept plan for a community center. The community center has been drafted to include multiple venues, including two indoor pools, multi-use indoor courts, lockers, rooms for activities, children’s play and other areas.

The facilitator, who was also the design group representative, showed the concept plan and presented a ballpark cost of $30 million. Unfortunately, the costs did not include the site cost, any operational or maintenance costs.

Many of the attendees spoke to the plan and most seemed to be in high favor of it. Some even wanted to add features, such as a zip line and climbing wall. I was the only one that stated my concern that this is not a good choice for the city at this time.

While I understand the interest in having all these facilities, Rosemount has many needs. This kind of community center is not a “need”— it is a “want.” Our needs should be prioritized first. Our Fire Department is volunteer. The volunteers get paid $10 a call. Not $10 an hour — a call. The Police and Public Works departments are working in suboptimal spaces and need better overall conditions. Our city is growing and we will need more schools. A school tax levy is likely. More houses mean more sewers, roads, demands on services and personnel. Bottom line, taxes will be increased.

While our city does have a higher income level generally. I urge Rosemount citizens to consider that a new community center is nice to have but it will cost you. So will a lot of other needs and wants that are coming. How much are your taxes now and how much more are you willing to pay? Think about it.

Sharon Peterson


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