To the editor:

Recently I stopped by a school to visit with some former staff. As I walked down the hallway, announcements were beginning and as always with the Pledge of Allegiance, I paused as I had done when I worked there, as a sign of respect, hand over my heart and began to recite. You can imagine my dismay as I glanced into the classroom to find the students and worse yet, the teacher, sitting while the Pledge was being recited. What was even more appalling, it happened to be the observance of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Regardless of classroom make up or political opinion, the Pledge should be a moment of unification. It’s a matter of respect for those men and women who served this country so we can have the freedoms we all enjoy, no matter your circumstance. It seems our society today, in a desperate attempt to over compensate and appease the sensibilities of people whom have come here for a “better” life, we have lost our way and veered from the basic principles our country was founded on ... a thirst of “freedom of religion, speech and a basic respect for all.” How many of you have taken the time to visit a military cemetery and been awed by so many who gave so much ... taken the time to learn the history of our country and understand why you should be proud. Were we perfect ... no ... but that is what history is about ... and why it is imperative history be taught in our classrooms! Learning from our past to improve our future. So get up on your feet. Thank your lucky stars you’re an American and thank every veteran you meet and Pledge “your” Allegiance! Let us “unite” and celebrate those freedoms we enjoy ... and those we challenge...but do so with respect, civility and thanks!

Stand up America! “I Pledge Allegiance...”

Deb Piper


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