To the editor:

A recent letter (“Time to act is now,” May 3) clearly illustrates the problems with the common “alarmist” view of climate change. First is a general lack of understanding of the science involved. The writer claims that temperatures are increasing at 0.23 F (Fahrenheit) per decade, but global temperatures are always expressed in degrees C (Centigrade). Simple conversion says global temperatures are increasing at the rate of 0.13 C per decade. I don’t know where that estimate comes from, but all of the official temperature data sets (land and satellite) are showing rates of about 0.20 C per decade, or 2.0 per century. Interestingly, that is the target of the recent Paris Climate Accords, so we are in compliance already! No need to “do something”!

The second problem is the number of people insisting, as the writer does, that 1.3 C of temperature rise over 100 years is catastrophic. It is not, even by the arbitrary definition set in Paris. People need to look at the actual data, rather than listen to what the supposed experts say about the actual data. Finally, we should note that these rising temperatures tell us nothing about the real cause of that warming. The only reason to believe that CO2 from fossil fuels is the cause of the warming are the computer models, and they all predict considerably higher than the actual, measured data. Therefore, either man-made CO2 is not responsible for global warming, or if it is, it is not significant. All of this hyperventilating about switching to expensive and unreliable “renewable energy” is just a non-solution to a non-problem.

Jerry Ewing

Apple Valley

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