To the editor:

The Democrats insisted the day after Inauguration 2017 that the only way to settle their controversial 2016 election was through a special prosecutor. The special investigation was initiated on a political basis. The results came in, and like the 2016 election the Democrats lost again. So now the Democrats insist that the only way to settle their controversial 2016 election is through impeachment. To paraphrase a famous quote “there they go again.”

The president communicated to the American people that the economy can do better and the people responded and are better off for it and the Democrats are annoyed that the middle class may reestablish.

The president proposed immigration reform that the Democrats supported pre-2016 election and the Democrats changed their position based on the 2016 election loss.

The president is ensuring the Supreme Court interprets laws and not make laws and the Democrats are disgruntled because they are being told to take their job serious.

The United States of America has a unique Constitution that defines our precious freedoms. Do not run from that Constitution, rather run to that Constitution and protect it, and enrich it, and cherish it.

Thomas M. Grendzinski


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