• by Jeff Mortensen Special to Sun Thisweek Dakota County Tribune
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The community landscape is ever-changing. Populations shift, new needs develop, and resources expand and contract. For more than 45 years, 360 Communities staff members have worked hard to understand clients holistically and provide customized support. Our mission reads: In the spirit of car…

  • by James Hughes Special to Sun Thisweek Dakota County Tribune
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I have been walking around Jensen Lake at Lebanon Hills Regional Park with my dog for years and need to speak up about the lack of dog owners following the park dog rules. The rules are simple but about one-quarter of the owners don’t get them or don’t think they pertain to them.

  • by Laura Bordelon Special to Sun Thisweek Dakota County Tribune
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Federal tax reform has been center stage at Washington, D.C. The sweeping changes just passed will provide an important opportunity for Minnesota policymakers to make our tax system more competitive.

  • by Cindy Amoroso Interim superintendent Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191
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Our students are applying real-world skills and hands-on learning to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects across the district. I’m amazed, impressed and proud of our students and what they’re achieving.