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Hypointe Child Care, which currently has a downtown Lakeville location, plans to expand to a second location adjacent to Ames Arena.

Owners sign purchase agreement for land adjacent to Ames Arena

It appears the high point for Hypointe Child Care in Lakeville is coming in its near future.

The 4-year-old learning center for preschool-aged children recently signed a purchase agreement for 2.25 acres jointly owned by the city of Lakeville and Dakota County in anticipation of constructing a 10,000-square-foot child care next to Ames Arena.

After a 150-day contingency period, Hypointe Child Care would purchase the land for $1.05 million as the county and city will split the proceeds 55-45. Included in the sale is a quarter-acre outlot solely owned by the city.

Hypointe, which serves children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old, will retain its location at 8755 Upper 208th St. W. in downtown Lakeville, as it expands operations to County Road 50/Kenwood Trail.

It has been located in the former Lakeville Area School District Community Education building since August 2017.

Hypointe will seek approval of plans for the property during the contingency period. If the plan is approved, it expects to build a $2 million facility this year and have it ready for occupancy in the first part of 2022.

The business is owned by Tricia DeMarais and Jennifer Orth, who have a combined 30-plus years experience in early childhood care.

The current site has capacity for around 140 students and the second would have a similar capacity, they said.

“We put a lot of thought into taking the jump into a second location,” DeMarais wrote in an email. “We love being a part of the downtown landscape, but we are out of square footage here.”

She cited Lakeville’s population growth and waitlists to enroll as a reason to expand.

“Because we are small, local and independently owned, we rely on the relationships we nurture in our community,” DeMarais said. “So choosing to expand was something we wanted to do while still making sure we could feel like an extension of home to both our staff and the families we serve.”

She said they want to be able to serve all the families who want to enroll at Hypointe.

“Coming out of the pandemic we have learned so much about the needs of the families we serve, but one thing is the most clear – our community values a safe, loving and enriching environment for our littlest learners in the Lakeville area,” DeMarais said.

She said adding a second location will help make that possible for more families.

DeMarais said that they are lucky to have wonderful educators, and she doesn’t have any concerns about being able to hire more staff who fit the culture at Hypointe.

“We know you attract educators when you care for them the way that they care for your children. It really all comes down to the golden rule – treat others the way you want to be treated – and educators want a fair wage, plan for the future and support,” she said.

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