To the editor:

So far, I have seen three letters to the editor attacking the Equality Act with two in Sun Thisweek/Dakota County Tribune and one in another local newspaper.  All three complain about trans-rights and girls athletics.  When I was young, I played baseball when I was in the third grade and fifth grade but not the fourth.  Why?  My mom wanted to sign me up for a girls softball league and I refused. As being disabled, she thought it would be better but I knew I would be bullied and harassed to no end if I did. Hence, there will be very few boys who would actually play in girls leagues sadly because the harassment would be unbearable.

Second, there are currently certain high school sports that are usually meant only for boys and girls in Minnesota. This means a boy who wants to play volleyball or gymnastics in high school must do so on a girls team. Likewise, girls who want to play football or wrestling in high school must do so on boys teams. Moreover, Colleges do offer scholarships in men’s gymnastics and men’s volleyball.

Finally, this partisan attack on U.S. Rep. Angie Craig, D-Eagan, and the Equality Act is ridiculous because some Republicans want to end the government regulation that makes women’s sports happen. Known as Title IX, the government mandates that public schools must divide athletic funding between boys and girls athletics based on enrollment. However, some Republicans argue that boys are losing opportunities because of Title 9 or that government should stay out of how schools divide funding for athletics based on gender. And given the funding on professional sports for men and women, we all know what would happen if Title IX was repealed.

William Cory Labovitch

South St. Paul

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